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The NIH Intramural Institutional Review Board

For Participants

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What to consider before you agree to participate in a research study and other resources.

For PIs and Study Teams

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Find tools, checklists, E-IRB video tutorials and FAQs to help navigate the IRB review process.

For IRB Members

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Find review checklists, guidance, and IRB meeting dates to help you serve as an IRB member.

Mission of the Institutional Review Board: to protect the rights, welfare and safety of human subjects participating in research conducted by the NIH Intramural Research Program; and to promote the ethical conduct of human subjects research by collaborating with investigators throughout the research lifecycle.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) regulates all research activities involving human subjects conducted in the NIH Intramural Research Program (unless the research is exempt from IRB review). The IRB is a committee appointed in accordance with the regulatory mandates to protect subjects’ rights and safeguard their welfare; ensure compliance with all applicable laws/regulations; and conduct ethical reviews of human research activities.

As part of the NIH’s IRB centralization and consolidation initiative, the Office of IRB Operations (IRBO) was implemented in November 2018 and will manage the six panels that are replacing the 12 institute-based IRBs.

Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs inc - Full Accreditation

NIH Federalwide Assurance
FWA#: 00005897
Expires: 7/16/2023

IORG #: 00010

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IRB00000001National Insts of Hlth - NCI - IRB #1
IRB00000002National Insts Hlth - NCI - IRB #2
IRB00000005National Insts Hlth - NIAID - IRB #5
IRB00000006National Insts Hlth - NIDDK & NIAMS - IRB #6
IRB00000007National Insts Hlth - CNS Purple Panel - IRB #7
IRB00000008National Insts Hlth - NICHD - IRB #8
IRB00000013National Insts Hlth - NIEHS - IRB #13
IRB00005894National Insts of Hlth CNS Blue Panel IRB #16
IRB00005895National Insts of Hlth CNS White Panel IRB #17
IRB00008803National Insts of Hlth - Addictions - IRB #12
IRB00011153National Institutes of Health IRB #11 - General Medicine Panel #1
IRB00011862National Institutes of Health IRB #10 - NIH Intramural IRB