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OHSRP Newsletter 2020 Q3

Letter from the Director

September 16th was my 2-year anniversary of coming to the NIH. When I reflect on what we have accomplished together during these past 2 years, it is no wonder that sometimes I feel tired….as I am sure you do also. The road has been and still is bumpy, although I think the potholes are less deep and not as frequent. There is no doubt the pandemic has adversely impacted the ability of our office to consolidate and streamline its operations and develop the critical team structures that are needed to function optimally. Despite this, we continue to...

IRBO Update

During this past quarter, the IRBO sent out a number of notifications to the research community through the NIH iRIS Notification System which included important information for investigators and research support staff. We have summarized this information here for your convenience.

What's New in iRIS?

The iRIS team continues to streamline and make more efficient the iRIS workflow. Here are some of the improvements made for you in the late spring and summer...

Compliance & Training Update

During this past quarter of 2020, the OHSRP Education Series included a 2-part presentation by the IRB Office Reliance and Single IRB team (July and August 2020) that is now available in the archived presentations section on the OHSRP website. This link provides access to the slides and videocasts for all past sessions of the OHSRP Education Series. The Reliance and Single IRB team is also hard at work updating their presence on the IRBO website including revisions of existing resources and preparing new tools to assist investigators/study teams to conduct multisite research. These will be available later in 2020 and will include...

Policy Update

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) policy development is wrapping up. OHSRP began rolling out the policies late this Summer, the remaining policies will be rolled out through the end of 2020. To aid in understanding key information about each policy, OHSRP has also developed supporting tools for the community, an overview/change table and a narrated presentation...

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