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What's New in iRIS?

Release Updates:

The iRIS team continues to streamline and make more efficient the iRIS workflow.  We thank all of the research community for their feedback in the development and testing of these improvements.  Below are some of the improvements made for you in the first half of this year:


Progress Report Form

New combined standalone form that allows users to submit:

  • Continuing Reviews
  • Study Closures
  • Progress Reports 


Amendment Form

New combined standalone form that replaces the following extraneous forms:

  • Investigator Brochure Submission Form
  • KSP Changes Form
  • Participant Recruitment Materials Form
  • Miscellaneous Documents Submission Form
  • Short Consent Approval Form
  • DSMB or SMC Outcome Letter Submission
  • Outside IRB documents for multi-institutional trials


Roll out

Radiation Safety Review (all ICs are now submitting in iRIS)

Scientific Review (all ICs are now submitting in iRIS)

Training: “Making iRIS work for you”

Sue Tindall, our iRIS Team lead delivered by videocast the May 2020 OHSRP Education Series.  Thank you for the heavy attendance and interest in what we have been doing to make iRIS work better for the research community so that you can do what you do best.  You can view the recording on the NIH Employee Intranet here.